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Blue-eyed Everett

Sweet Everett came to visit me for his 9-month session. He was such a happy little guy! Babies grow up so fast and it is important to have pictures of them at various stage. In fact, Everett took some of his first steps while at the studio and just took off walking the next day! So his 1-year session will be a bit more interesting! I will have to rest up for that one because he will probably outrun me.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

~ Season


Basketball and Beer – How we did St. Louis

Dustin and I went to St. Louis for the Missouri Valley tournament.  We had a great time watching WSU win the tournament and taking in some sight-seeing.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

We stayed at a great modern bed and breakfast called Dwell 912.  It is a two-story little apartment at the back of a really old house that has been beautifully updated.  Breakfast was yummy and the owner has chickens that contribute towards the breakfast.

Before the first game, we grabbed a mocha and walked around the City Garden.  Dustin just loves it when I suggest he take goofy pictures.

Some highlights from the first game.  We had great center court seats that were up pretty high, but I still took a few good pictures with the point and shoot.

We visited the City Museum Friday night (it is open until midnight).  If you have not been here before, you should go!  It is a great place for kids to run and explore.  We felt a little weird going without any kids, but we had a blast and at night there were more adults than kids.  So many cool things to climb through and slides everywhere.  We went down a 10-story spiral slide and I was still spinning when I reached the bottom of the slide.  The pictures below are of the fun stuff to do outside.

We had dinner at Schlafly’s Tap Room one night.  There was a huge oyster fest going on, so it was really busy.  I had a great coffee stout and some yummy fish and chips.  The next morning, we went on the Anheuser-Bush tour.  The walking tour took us through the process of making beer and the best part was two samples at the end of the tour….and it was FREE!

When we travel, we like to eat at places we can’t eat at when home.  After the beer tour, we hit Blues City Deli.  This little neighborhood deli was busy and delish!  Dustin’s sandwich was HUGE!  For dinner that night, we found a local pizza place and filled up on a yummy veggie pizza.

I wish we could go back this week for the NCAA tournament, but we aren’t going to make it.  We will make it back to St. Louis again sometime.  There is so much more to do.

~ Season




It’s not perfect, but it is!

It has been several years since Jetta, our four-legged baby as been photographed. We often get asked if she is still around after our Christmas cards go out and she is not included in the family picture. She is indeed still a part of our family. I just can’t manage two kids and a dog for our annual photo shoot.  I can barely manage the two-legged kids!

We were lucky to have a nice weekend and about 10 minutes to try and get a few pictures of the kids with Jetta. I was quickly reminded as to why I don’t tackle this session more often. Trying to get 3 VERY active subject to cooperate was impossible! Jetta was in an unexplored part of the yard, so the sniffer was on high alert. Nina was not really in the mood and Sam was trying to be the boss and man handle Jetta by dragging her to the right spot.

My plan was to hopefully get one good shot and be done. It wasn’t until I sat down to look at the picture that I realized none of them were perfect with regards to posing or lighting. But yet they were perfect. They represent that moment and how crazy it was. How sweet and sassy Nina’s expressions can be and how soft and round her face is.  Just makes me want to kiss those cheeks!  And how ornery Sam is with is kwazy hair and smirk of a smile.  And how Jetta was like, ‘What’s going on?  What am I supposed to do?”

This little photo shoot reminded me that it’s not always about trying to make everything perfect, it’s about living in the moment and being happy with what you can get.  These pictures just make me smile…a lot!

~ Season


Happy New Year 2014

Where did January go???  I am a little delayed in posting my first blog post of the year.  So sorry for the delay in wishing you a happy 2014, but I have valid reasons.

The first week of the year was still vacation for the kids, so I enjoyed my time with them and stayed out of the office.  Once I thought we would return to a routine, the kids got sick for a few days, then I was down with the flu and sinus infection for over a week and then one of the kids was sick again.  AUGGGGHHH!

January has not been the best start of 2014, but it has to get better and I look forward to February and beyond.

As you think about your celebrations in 2014 - welcoming new little ones, celebrating birthdays, family reunions, anniversaries, graduations, etc. – I would love to be a part of capturing your memories.  Feel free to call or email me to discuss your photography needs in 2014.


~ Season


Christmas Cuteness

Little Charley and Everett stopped by the studio one morning for some sweet and comfy Christmas pictures. Just love how Charley ‘read’ the Night before Christmas to Everett and his look of excitement. Too cute!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my clients and their families!

~ Season

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